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- Erma Bombeck

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fruit Tea

The idea for this recipe came from one I'd read over at Lauren's a long time ago. I've made some changes to it - so much so that it really doesn't even resemble hers at all anymore. But I do like to give credit where credit is due, and without her sharing her recipe for Fruit Tea, I wouldn't have this yummy one today. So thanks, Lauren!

2 qts. fresh-brewed Lipton iced tea
3/4 C. sugar (or more)
1 12-oz. can frozen orange juice concentrate
2 12-oz. cans Jumex peach nectar (in the canned juice aisle, not frozen)

Mix all ingredients together in a one-gallon pitcher and add water to equal one gallon. Stir well or shake before serving.


The Plis family said...

ooh that sounds yummy! can't wait to try it!

Totallyscrappy said...

This is great stuff! I make this when I have company over. I use a frozen pineapple/orange juice for even more fruitiness.